Solving Manufacturing Challenges with High Precision Solutions.

We’re successful — and so are our clients — because our expertly trained staff strives to find new ways of designing and manufacturing high precision tools that help you create higher quality products at greater efficiencies.

  • Fully integrated five-axis Hermle machining centers provide high precision machining to tolerances less than .0001”.
  • Charmilles wire EDM and a Hardinge Super Precision lathe provides manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Automated machining and modular pallet changing robot cells minimize lead times. 
  • Mill-Turn Multi-Task machine capability to reduce operations and setups.
  • Milling, turning, EDM and grinding capabilities with aluminum, carbide, copper, brass, engineered plastics, stainless steel, tungsten heavy alloy, titanium and other hard-to-machine super alloys.
  • Robust investment in machining technologies and staff training.


  • 12 Hermle machining centers
  • Pallet changers for unattended machining
  • Mill/Turn multitask machining Charmilles 6050TW Wire EDM
  • Hardinge RS42 Super Precision Lathe

Collaboration is Key to R&D

When a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point needed to prove a concept he'd been working on for years, he turned to Marten Machining to help him refine and develop a special instrument that would allow him to enhance his research.

"We started with his basic ideas and learned as much as we could from the professor to really understand what he was trying to accomplish with this instrument," notes Dave Marten. Together, they tweaked the initial design and added features that would make it easier for him to make adjustments during his testing process. "We used SolidWorks to create a 3D model, did numerous design reviews based on his input and expertise and tweaked our own processes. It was pure collaboration throughout the project — brainstorming, design, manufacturing, machining, assembly and testing."

"We learned as much from the professor as he did from us," Dave adds. "In order to turn a concept into reality for someone, we have to be able to identify details and challenges early on - and throughout - the design and manufacturing process. We address those challenges by immersing ourselves in our client's field and tapping into our years of precision machining experience."

ISO Certification