Our 30,500 square facility is clean and fully temperature controlled:

  • Includes 18,000 square foot manufacturing area.
  • 900 square foot inspection room with separate Liebert temperature control unit.
  • 3,400 square foot assembly area.
  • 7,200 square foot storage and administrative areas.
  • Utilizes high efficiency lighting.
  • Is secured against power loss with a 600 Kw natural gas generator set.
  • Securely stores data on PowerErp software provided by OmegaCube Technologies.
  • Utilizes Electronic Data Interchange and real time order and part tracking software. Full backup of machine programs and company data is performed daily and stored both on and off site.


  • 30,500 Square foot facility
  • Fully Temperature controlled
  • Power redundancy 600Kw natural gas generator

ISO Certification